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What does a wedding videographer like me do in a blog like this? 😛

A while ago I made the determination that as a wedding videographer it was time to take a step forward and start with my own brand: Mireia LLum Films. I had been working for others in the wedding videos for about 8 years and it was a good time to take the step. That’s two years ago.

Since then a lot has rained, and there are many ideas and experiences harvested at this time. And now, with this blog I will present some topics that may be useful to familiarize yourself with this world of wedding videos. It will be useful both for couples who are in the process of looking for a thousand and one providers for their day, as well as those who simply get bitten by the bug.

“Ok, fine, but what are you going to tell us?”, you must be asking yourselves.

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picture: Lucho Vargas

Here is the answer...

I’m going to make a mix between my experiences collected during all these years and a small guide that will cover many topics, always from the point of view of wedding videos:

Where to marry?


Destination weddings: trend or divine invention

Since not many years ago, destination weddings have appeared as a very popular option to marry. But what is exactly a destination wedding? Well, it is the fact that the couple decide to get married in a different country from where they live or were born. If it’s a wedding with no guests, only the couple, it is known as elopement. And if family and friends participate, then it’s called destination wedding.

In my case as a videographer, I’m working specially with foreign couples who wants to get married in Barcelona or close to Barcelona (Spain) and in Lisbon or close to Lisbon (Portugal).

What is a cinematic wedding video?

It’s been a while since we have been talking more and more about wedding cinematography. Nowadays, all the videographers in the field make “cinematic videos”, which at the beginning may seem somewhat contradictory. But what does this mean exactly? I will explain the recent origin of the use of this terminology and what one is supposed to find when viewing one of these videos.

The dance: the usual?

The party is the culmination of a great day, the cherry on the top of the cake. For many, it may be the best part of the day. But for getting there it is needed a good balance between music and ambience. The truth is that in my experience, original wedding videos usually have at the time of the party one of the most important points to surprise the guests. And, of course, deliver a great material to work with in their wedding film.

Well, I have a long list of topics to propose, I hope I can surprise you and give you some ideas and a little more light in everything that surrounds the wedding day.

See you soon!

Mireia LLum