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“If I had to describe Mireia’s work with a word it would be “touching”. Every detail we gave her at the first meeting came back to us in the form of beautiful scenes! Every time we watch our film, we feel as if we were there again. Thank you very much for your dedication and your wonderful look, we will take your work with us forever! ” 

“Mireia does an incredible job in her videos, being able to reflect the personality and essence of each couple in a unique way. Each shot shows a significant moment, the images are of an outstanding delicacy and quality, the music that she chooses power each and every one of the feelings that transmit their videos. On the other hand, she is a super friendly person, who at no time makes you feel uncomfortable or forced, and with thousands of new ideas that she incorporates in each of her works. She is creative and very hardworking and responsible, looking for the best for each one of her works, we can only add that it has been a real pleasure to work with her.”

“Excellent professional, she made our wedding video and how beautiful!! Taking care of every detail, you do not feel bothered by the camera at any time and the result is the best memory you can take. Thank you Mireia, we would hire you again and a thousand times.”

“Our wedding movie was sensational! Not in vain on YouTube has more than 230 thousand views. Congratulations, we wish you all the success of the world and that despite all that success you never lose that affection, friendship and patience that are so captivating. We want you always present in our lives, thank you very much! “

“Choosing her is not only do the right thing, it’s a privilege. She is a professional from head to toe, nice, open to new opinions, human … my video is indescribable, she is indescribable. Thank you, Mireia.” Mery 

“You just have to take a look at her website and her portfolio to discover that she is capable of taking the wedding video to another level, something that is available to very few people in the sector. She captures the personality of the couple, making each piece unique, a piece that will accompany you for the rest of your life. The result is nothing more than a reflection of her professionalism and the passion she shows in each phase of the process. Thank you, Mireia.” Javi

“We are delighted with the service and professionalism of Mireia. The quality of the video is impressive, it shows that she took care of every detail when shooting and then editing it. It is like a movie of our story. We are very happy! Thank you! “



I can define the type of videos I make as a dynamic documentary. That is: the story of the couple and what happens in the day is the most important and this is told through a dynamic cut, with a great variety of images and sounds.

There is not a straight formula, but it is a good idea to get in touch with a minimum of three months before. That way it is possible to get to know each other a bit earlier and organize the payment, the trip and the pre-wedding session.

You can contact me by email or filling out the form. If your date is available, we meet personally when possible or on Skype. Based on that meeting we define the final budget. Then I write the contract and I send it to you.

My way of working involves knowing you, your personalities, tastes, story. It’s my way of transferring your energy to the wedding movie. That is why it is very important to have had contact both in meetings and with the pre-wedding. In case it is not possible to meet physically we will make several meetings by Skype before your day.

The video style that I propose is a cinematographic style with enough instrumental music as a base for the audios of your interviews and ambient sounds and very little sung or commercial music since the latter steals too much attention from what happens on the screen. In addition, for copyright issues, the price of licenses to use them legally can be exorbitant (we are talking about $ 5,000 up). I take the responsability for paying the licenses of the music I choose to use.

The maximum delivery time for all the material contracted is up to 6 months guaranteed by contract.

I do not recommend to the couple to have the raw material. Why? Because as the name suggests, it is a material designed to make the final videos and they don’t work as as finished pieces. That means they are not pleasant to watch (without color grading, low sound, sudden movements, many moments when nothing happens…). If you still want to have it, it is an extra option to choose from within the budget.

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