tarifas videos de boda, cuanto cuesta un vídeo de boda
tarifas videos de boda, cuanto cuesta un vídeo de boda

How much does a wedding video cost?

Prices: is a wedding video expensive or cheap?

If you are thinking about getting married in your country or in a destination wedding in Spainor or you are just curious about life, you may have wondered: how much does a wedding video cost?. This is a very complex issue, in which everything “depends”. But you must have in mind that nobody gives presents for free without a reason and a good professional is not going to be different.

An idea of what it costs a videographer to be a videographer

Equipment cost

“The wedding video is very expensive. They want to get paid more than 1,500€ for going to shoot a few hours. ” Well, I’m sorry to say you are wrong, I wish it was that easy to make money. The professional you are going to hire has had to invest in their equipment an average of 5,000€ to 10,000€  in cameras, lenses, tripods, sound recorders, microphones, spotlights, computers, monitors, hard drives, and a long etc. And imagine the ones that have an studio and must pay a rent…

Postproduction time

Then there is all the time you have to invest to edit the video. If it is a good one, even editing without stopping, it will never be less than 3 days. To give you an idea, I usually take between 6 to 10 days to edit the main wedding video, and add to this what it takes if other services are hired like a highlights video or a trailer video.

Music licensing

To make the videos, almost 100% of videographers use music, and those musics are always copyrighted. And they have to pay to get the music licenses for each song. 

And many of the videographers usually get workshops and other kind of trainings to improve their skills. And these courses are not cheap at all.


In addition, the videographer has a marketing to do so you can find him or her in wedding portals or search engines such as Google or Bing. To build a website has a cost of about 1,000€ if it is something professional. Payimg to be present in wedding portals costs between 500€ to 2,000€ per year for being featured. And there is Google advertising, where the videographer can pay up to what he or she is willing to pay to be shown well positioned in Google search every time you type “wedding video”…


One of the biggest terrors of videographers and wedding photographers is that their equipment can be stolen. Many stories circulate from colleagues who were robbed in the street or in the car, if not in the restaurant itself. For this, there are insurances designed for these situations. Other insurance that should be mandatory is civil liability insurance. In the event, the videographer could breaks an object or unintentionally harm someone or himself. In these situations he would be covered by this insurance.


And the last but not least, you have to be registered as a freelancer, which leads to paying a monthly autonomous fee of a minimum of 283.30€ (in Spain) or having set up a company and also paying a fee per employee of about 300€. Being legal means that you will have to pay 21% of what you receive in every bill/invoice and another 19% to 30% of the benefits for the IRPF (anual taxes). That is, if you charge 2,000€ with a legal invoice, the professional will hardly see about 1,400 euros of all that money. And from this money you have to deduct the monthly autonomous fee, the business expenses (advertising, rents, etc) and amortize the equipment. In summary, from a work billed at 2,000€, what is “clean” hopefully barely reaches 1,000€.


See, now being a wedding videographer no longer seems so cool, right? Well, it is not easy, and as in any other kind of business, you have to work hard to get a living from it and not die trying. 


So how much does a wedding video cost? In conclusion, in my opinion you will hardly find a video service that does everything legally for less than 1,000€. I would budget a minimum of 1,500€ and go as far as your pocket reaches. It is an investment that in the future you will see rewarded being able to live again one of the most special days of your life.

Do you want to see what my wedding video prices are? Keep in mind that my rates refer to wedding videos in Barcelona, Spain, but I can move anywhere in the world. That would vary the budget a bit. Click here to see them.

Do you still have any doubts? Don’t be shy and write me 🙂