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Destination weddings in Barcelona, Spain.

Your wedding film, your story.​

I am currently attending destination weddings of couples that want to marry in Europe, mainly in Lisbon (Portugal) and Barcelona (Spain).

A wedding video to feel a unique moment again.

Because getting married is a ritual between two souls who love each other and want to shout it out to the world.

A day to celebrate however you want to do it.

A day that goes by fast, a roller coaster of emotions.


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Bride Film Award 2021 Winner    –    Best Videographer 2020 Jury Member, UNIONWEP   –   Ziwa Awards Videographer 2019 Winner   –   Best Filmmaker of 2019 Nominee   –   Best Wedding Film 2019 Winner   –   Best Wedding Film 2018 Winner   –   Bride Film Award 2018

I'm your videographer if...

You appreciate a good storytelling.
You want an honest portrait of your story and the emotion that comes from this approach.
You want a unique video, not similar to any other else.
You have a taste for a careful and dynamic cinematic style.
You belief in a true story, with people of flesh and bones.

From Barcelona to the world

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Destination Wedding videographer in Portugal and Spain

I have been so lucky for the past years to work in destination weddings in Portugal and Spain. 

And one thing I can say for sure, it really matters who is who makes the wedding video for you, yes.

Training, sensitivity, creativity and dedication are keys to creating different and exciting videos.

I studied Audiovisual Communication and Film Direction and I started shooting weddings when I was 21 years old.

I lived in Brazil for 4 years, and it was there, in Rio de Janeiro, where I rediscovered this world: a wedding video could be conceived with an aesthetic and editing just like in cinema. In Brazil I learned along with great videographers and wedding photographers in one of the most important markets in the world. And it was there that Mireia Llum Films was born. 

Back in Barcelona, it was time to continue with this incredible project of making wedding videos something memorable.

4 years later, I have been able to work both in Spain and abroad in very different weddings, always having emotion as the driving force in common.

About my weddings with couples who come from other countries to get married, I have a couple of articles on the blog in which I talk specifically about this type of weddings, the destination wedding in Barcelona and also the destination wedding in Portugal.

For me, the most important thing is to tell personal stories that move and surprise.

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