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Destination weddings in Barcelona, Spain.

Your wedding film, your story.​

I am currently attending destination weddings of couples that want to marry in Europe, mainly in Lisbon (Portugal) and Barcelona (Spain).

A wedding is a ritual between two beings who love each other and want to shout it out to the world. An unrepeatable day in which they manage to bring together all those people who play an important role in their lives. Behind each couple there is a unique story that has led them there, until making the decision to prepare with great effort this meeting of souls. However, marrying is not an easy decision because it involves many formalities, preparations and nerves. 

The part that I take responsibility for in that process is to get your story into a unique wedding video; a film that captures what makes your story different. I like to tell what happens on your wedding day and what has taken you two there. Find what makes you unique, that truth that will be the one that will thrill you and those who watch your wedding film.

Your wedding day is going to be a day full of emotions that deserve to be well remembered. That is why the importance of choosing well both the photographer and the wedding videographer. Because your photos and your video are the only thing that will remain.

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Wedding videographer, a life project.


After spending 4 years in Brazil learning in one of the most important wedding markets of the world, among great wedding videographers and photographers, I came home to tell special and unique stories that will remain in time.

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Destination Wedding videographer in Portugal and Spain

I have started altogether with my colleagues of Lucho Vargas Fotografía a very nice and ambitious project of Destination Wedding in Portugal and Spain. Lucho Vargas Fotografia is settled in Lisbon, Portugal, and I am in Barcelona, Spain. At the moment, we are attending foreigners who want to get married celebrating a destination wedding in Europe. I take care of the videography, creating unique wedding films that capture the couple’s essence.

Within a very short time I will write an article on the blog to explain a little better this concept of “Destination Wedding” and “Elopement” (destination wedding without guests, only with the couple). Because there are more and more weddings of this type, because it is great to get married in another country, because it is something that neither you nor your guests will ever forget.

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