destination wedding en barcelona
destination wedding en barcelona

Destination wedding in Barcelona:

Are you planning to get married in a destination wedding in Barcelona?

If you plan to do a destination wedding in Barcelona or other places in Catalonia, Spain, you must be interested in reading this article. But what are destination weddings? Destination weddings are those in which the couple decides to marry in a different country than the one they reside in. For a few years, the number of such weddings has skyrocketed. But is it worth getting married in another country? In this article I will review some advantages of this type of event.

A large percentage of my wedding videos are destination weddings: bride and groom from other countries who marry in Barcelona or other cities in Spain. I also travel to shoot in Portugal, especially with my colleagues of Lucho Vargas Photography. You can see here one of my latest videographer works in Portugal:


Advantages of a destination wedding in Barcelona

Travel to one of the most charming cities in the world

For those who love traveling, getting married in another country can be a wonderful way to make your day even more extraordinary. You will marry in a different context, with a landscape and gastronomy different from that of your day to day. It can be an experience with a certain degree of exoticism for you and your guests. In addition, you can take the opportunity to project your honeymoon starting in the country where you are married, and, if you are still encouraged, make a route through the neighboring countries.

Getting married in Barcelona is usually synonymous with getting married with good weather and a gastronomy recognized throughout the world. Barcelona has millions of attractions: from walks through the most emblematic neighborhoods of the center such as the Gothic, the Raval, the Ramblas; internationally renowned museums such as MACBA, the MNAC, the Picasso museum; thousands of restaurants with menus ranging from classic tapas to elaborate fashion dishes. And a brutal amount of activities and events at all hours and for all tastes.

We must take advantage of this now, when plane tickets are affordable even for transoceanic flights. It seems that with the coming oil crisis, this will not always be as easy.


Total costs lower than in a traditional wedding

But how much does it cost to celebrate a destination wedding in Barcelona? As always, it will depend on what services you hire. It is not the same to marry in a castle, than in the civil registry of the city; hire a catering with hardly any appetizer and only one main dish than another with more than 30 different dishes in the appetizer, first course, main course, pre-cake, cake, etc; rent the wedding dress or buy it in an exclusive store…

What makes the difference at the economic level is that when getting married in another country, only the closest guests and really close to the couple will make the effort to travel. This point shortens the list of guests and prevents the presence of guests “by commitment”.

If you also come from a European country further north of Spain, the United States, Canada, Australia, etc, you will notice how money yields you much more in Barcelona. A couple who lives in New York can quietly save 50% of their budget if they decide to get married in Barcelona.

Typical places to do a wedding destination in Barcelona

There is a huge variety of charming places both in the city of Barcelona and in the surrounding area. It all depends on your tastes, if you want a place overlooking the sea, isolated in the mountains, a rustic estate or a stone monastery. What you will not miss are attractive options. But if you do not know where to start, it is best that you put yourself in the hands of a wedding planner as soon as possible and she can suggest places that you recommend.If you want to look for spectacular places outside the city of Barcelona, you can take a look at this list. Some good recommendations of places, both hotels and restaurants and antic farmhouses, within the city you can find them in this other list.

The wedding planner will take care of everything

 If you are living outside of Spain, the last thing you will want is to negotiate with suppliers (catering, decoration, DJ or band, etc.) or how to organize and coordinate the day’s schedules. Do not hesitate and hire a wedding planner. Time is money and your wedding planner will save you a lot. In addition, you can also advise on photography and video services, where you can stay the bride and groom, and many more.

For example, at the wedding of the video that I present below Priyanka and Nick, Gemma Sala within Your Barcelona Wedding, was the wedding planner of the event. The wedding was held in the monastery of Sant Miquel in Poble Espanyol, Barcelona. Thanks to Gemma everything went smoothly, with an impeccable organization, and this was reflected in that the guests had a great time.


Hire videography and photography services from Barcelona

One last tip: do not spare resources on the photographer and the videographer. If the difference is only a few hundred euros, choose the professional you like best. It is better if they are fom Barcelona (a lot of us speak perfect English), you won’t pay flight tickets, they can communicate better with other vendors the wedding day and rates in Spain are lower than in other countries with the same quality level. 

And the bonus: many times the couple decide to hire only photo and shortly after they recognize how sorry they are for not having hired video. In a few years, listen to that special speech again, see how the tear spreads to your soul friend, all those moments you can only live again with the wedding video.

Watch this destination wedding video trailer:

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