videógrafa de bodas en Barcelona
videógrafa de bodas en Barcelona

My year 2019 as a wedding videographer

It is difficult to summarize everything I have experienced as a wedding videographer in 2019. From the trips to Portugal, the awards and recognitions, the luck that I have had meeting incredible couples, the kind that really love each other …

Lisbon / Cascais / Portugal

For some time I have been traveling to Portugal to shoot wedding videos in what is called Destination Weddings. There I collaborate especially with my photographer friend Lucho Vargas. With him and his wife we form a great team. We met in Manaus, Brazil, in 2016 and since then we collaborate whenever we can. This year and thanks to them, I had the great luck to meet Rui Mota Pinto, one of the most important wedding planners in Lisbon and throughout Portugal. He is an incredible person, who gets out of the mold, and makes weddings totally personalized depending on the taste and personality of the couple. And when I say personalized weddings, believe me, they are one of those that call attention to their originality. And it is that he is a person we would call authentic, that you look into the eyes and really looks back at you. An adult child who is not afraid to play and therefore does not shake his hand when deciding which style is best for the wedding of his boyfriends. Rui Mota Pinto often wins awards for his work, and this year he received one just for the wedding we worked together. The wedding, which was held by the sea in Cascais, a few kilometers from Lisbon, has been cited in magazines such as Mariée Weddings of Brazil or BodasandCo of Mexico. An honor.

Barcelona, Spain

The weddings that I have shot in Spain have taken me to very different places. From the Ramblas of Barcelona, through lost monasteries in the mountains, renovated farmhouses, beach bars or castles by the sea. I have had national couples and others who have come to marry on a destination wedding in Barcelona.


Besides being so lucky to shot stories in spectacular places, I have had the good fortune of meeting couples who really love each other. Relationships are not easy, being in love most likely ends, but then is when true love really begins. Respect, admiration, confidence and desire to grow next to that person, those are the qualities that I see and admire in these couples.

Awards and recognitions of 2019:

This year 2019 has been loaded with recognition for my work as a wedding videographer. The flute has sounded in both national and international awards. The truth is that you can not ask for more. Coming to the top of having been nominated for best videographer of the year by Inspiration Photographers, something like being nominated for the Oscar for best director.

Here is the summary of these awards. You can click on them if you want to know more:

-Ziwa Awards Videógrafo 2019 Winner, Zankyou

-Best Filmmaker of 2019 Nominee, Inspiration Photographers

-Nominée Premio Internacional de la Imagen 2019 Luces de Granada, AGRAFI

-Film Award 2019 Winner, collection 23, Inspiration Photographers

-Best Wedding Film 2019 Winner, collection 18, Inspiration Photographers

-4th place Best Videographer WEVA EsAward 2019, Worldwide Event Videographers Association

And now in 2020, the year has started very well. From UNIONWEP, the most important association of photographers and videographers in Spain, they have asked me to be part of a jury of 4 to choose the best videographer and videographer revelation of the year. All a responsibility and honor.

We will see how the year goes on.

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