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Everything you need to know before hiring wedding video services (PART I)

Don't rush: spend some time finding your ideal video

Hiring your wedding video is not like going to the supermarket looking for tomatoes and taking home the ones on sale. Today, wedding videography has reached levels of excellence impossible to imagine years ago.

Yes, we must admit that it was a hard experience to watch wedding videos. they had incredibly long shots or camera movements that seemed made by a drunk guest. And what about those eccentric transitions that were used to move from one image to another? Something was wrong, we couldn’t find anything close to the bond between two people who love each other. Let’s recognize that the wedding video was until almost 10 years ago something almost insufferable in which almost no videographers with well-valued works stood out.

Nowadays, it is the opposite. We live the golden age of the wedding video with great artists like Santi Veiga, Maru Films, Gui Dalzoto or Alejandro Calore. All of them with their personal touch, always innovating and knowing how to tell a love story like nobody else. There are wedding videos, like those of the Spanish Francisco Montoro that almost look like works of art and that have managed to win awards in film festivals. Yes, as funny as it might sound: a wedding video winning a film festival, not bad at all.


But where to find a good wedding videographer?

"My photographer also offers me video"

I do not tell you to run away if you come across with that situation, but be careful. It is extremely unlikely that you find a single company that is excellent in photography and videography at the same time. They work with very different techniques, which require different equipment and highly contrasted trainings. If it is already difficult to find an excellent professional in an area, imagine how unlikely it is that the two are part of the same company. My advice is that you look for the wedding photographer on the one hand and on the other the videographer, just as you look for catering on the one hand and decoration on the other. Many times what you end up hiring in this way is a photographer who takes a good slice of pie subcontracting a videographer.

Another important thing is that the photographer recommends a videographer who likes to work. Here I do not raise any objection. Take a look, it never hurts, maybe it’s a good option to consider.

"My wedding planner recommends me someone"

If your wedding planner recommends a specific photographer or videographer, I do not say that you distrust, but that you look well at their work. It may be that the wedding planner recommends them because they like to deal with them or because they like their work aesthetically and that does not mean that you will like it. It may even be the case that I recommend them to you because you take a commission if you hire them. So, take an eye on it. Consider these professionals the same as those you can find in wedding portals or search engines.

"The restaurant forces me to hire its photographer and its videographer"

This is a common practice, and it is as usual as illegal. The restaurant has no right to force you to hire your photographer and/or videographer. You could even go into litigation with them for this matter, but I guess it’s not worth it to get angry with whoever is going to prepare the food, right? At this point, you should value very seriously if you like that restaurant so much that you take it all in. Because the probability that those professionals they offer you are not excellent is 110%. There are many options for good restaurants, look for another option if you find this case. Food is very important, without a doubt, but the photos and the video remain forever.

Decide what suits you best: documentary wedding video or videoclip

Ok, there are many types of wedding videos. True. But this two styles predominate over the rest.

Documentary wedding video

The documentary wedding video usually corresponds to a use of the natural audio of the situations, long static images taken with a tripod, instrumental music that accompanies the action without highlighting too much. There is also a frequent use of interviews to the couple, family or friends to tell the story of the couple. It is usually the style that most resembles a film fiction film. In this type of videos, music is not the protagonist, the story is. I will give as an example of a documentary wedding video the following video by Tomás Utillano:

Wedding video as a videoclip

Well, as the name indicates, it is a style where music (often commercial music without a license) is the one that commands, which marks the assembly of the images. They tend to be dynamic videos, with many camera movements and lots of images per minute. This type of videos are usually more focused on the surface of the wedding and often leave the story of the couple aside. Normally it does not have interviews. You usually finish watching the video without knowing anything about the couple, what they like or dislike. I will give as an example of videoclip wedding videos Guilherme Coelho:

As you see, it is very important that you determine what you like the most, what goes with you and your personality. I am more a fan of documentary-style wedding videos, I find them much more entertaining when they tell you a story. However I do not despise anything, without going any further my way of making wedding films is a mixture of both styles: on the one hand I tell the story of the couple but on the other I try to shoot a good amount of images. This way I have the best of each style: the story and the dynamism.

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